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Kale Logistics’ Customer Help Desk Portal brings speed to Issue resolution
A well-developed help desk portal for all its global clientele helps Kale improve customer satisfaction and raise support service levels
Mumbai, May 2, 2014: Kale Logistics’ online customer Help Desk Portal facilitates better tracking and resolution of issues reported by its customers worldwide. Recording, tracking and resolving all issues through the customer portal has resulted in marked improvement in defect resolution time and hence increased customer delight.

The Help Desk Portal was set-up as the single window for all Kale’s Logistics IT Solutions users, for reporting any issues, queries or requests. All client requests logged in and recorded on the portal are classified into different categories as per the type of request (query, enhancement, defect etc.) and resolved on the basis of incidence severity- High, Low, Trivial as appropriate. Clients can track the status of the reported issue and get a comprehensive report. The report presents both the clients and the Kale team with a view of defects/ issues resolution time and thus improve the system up-time.

Mr. Rajesh Panicker- SVP, Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd said “The online Help desk portal allows our support group to optimize the resource time and also respond to customer concerns on priority. Our clients have realized the benefits of reporting issues only through the portal as it removes person dependency and aids in faster resolution time. This has certainly enhanced client focus amongst our support groups and in turn overall customer satisfaction”.
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