Kale’s knowledge undertaking

At Kale Logistics Solutions, we believe domain knowledge to be a basis of conducting any business. We place special importance on resources that can aid in achieving all round business understanding and develop insights. Our quarterly external industry newsletter ‘CRUX’ is our attempt to capture and present tacit Industry knowledge and trending ideas surrounding the IT Logistics Industry.

VOL 22 - Key Highlights: This issue focuses on interviews with respect to new technologies in the air cargo industry and how it is impacting the industry. Our special feature in this newsletter provides an insight on CLEAR VIEW 3.0 Kale's Air Cargo Thought Leadership Summit 2018 hosted at Bangkok, Thailand where it brought top air cargo domain leaders across the world not just to discuss issues but also to identify practical solutions for the betterment of the industry.

VOL 21 - Key Highlights: This issue of CRUX features Mr. Alexandre Faydherbe, CEO, Roger Aviation, where he shares his thoughts on disruptive technologies impacting the air cargo handling sector. Our article on Warehouses for the Future gives a perspective on how warehouses will play a very important role in logistics in coming future. Our in-house expert Pryaranjan Heer talks about the role of trade facilitation platforms in ease of doing business.

VOL 20 - Key Highlights: In this issue, Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head-Cargo, MIAL-GVK, speaks about the growth, opportunities and future roadmap of GVK’s cargo operations. Read on the “Plausible application of technological disruptions in the freight forwarding industry”, that predicts which technological disruptions are likely to find a place in future freight forwarding operations.

VOL 19 - Key Highlights: This issue brings insights on the vision, operations and challenges of Bahrain Airport services company’s (BAS). Gain a perspective on e-commerce in the logistics world. Know how Quality and Bureau Services have formed an integral part of the industry today, from our expert. Explore our state-of-the art offering for integrated Freight Forwarding operations.

VOL 18 - Key Highlights: Gain some valuable insights on freight forwarding business and how technology is impacting it from Fast Logistics Solutions Group; Learn about effects of technology implementation in the warehousing side of supply chain and read our expert’s perspective on challenges and opportunities that surround the air cargo industry.

VOL 17 - Key Highlights: How the rise of Multimodal Transportation is changing the sphere of Logistics Industry and insights from Aviance Ghana on Air Cargo industry in Africa and how digitisation is enabling modernisation and expansion in the industry

VOL 16 - Key Highlights: Disruptive Innovation in the Air Cargo Technology and an insight into how Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal is using technology to accelerate growth and increasing demand.

VOL 15 - Key Highlights: World of opportunities for Freight Forwarders in the connected world. Know how HALA SCS is ensuring effective customer service while keeping up with all that is happening in 'Digital Supply Chain'.

VOL 14 - Key Highlights: “Ease of Doing Business” for its cargo industry trade partners and A Global Freight Forwarder with operations across 20 locations realises fast ROI from CORVI

VOL 12 - Key Highlights: A large private ICD in Northern India realises value through CAPELLA and Containerisation in India 2012 & Ahead

VOL 11 - Key Highlights: Top 10 Innovations in Indian Logistics Industry and solution profile of HELIOS & PYXIS

VOL 10 - Key Highlights: Getting the Right IT Solution to be Compliant with ICES Version 1.5

VOL 08 - Key Highlights: Bringing Efficiency to the Indian Supply Chain

VOL 09 - Key Highlights: Setting up of an Airport Cargo Community System

ACAAI - Key Highlights: Streamlining Cargo Business in India with Community Systems

VOL 07 - Key Highlights: Technology Solutions Help Save on Paper in Logistics Business and Case Study: In Search of a Solutions