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Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers across the globe are engulfed with challenges surrounding the management and optimization of their daily operations. As per industry study, the global 3PL market is presently booming with at least 80 % companies using some sort of 3PL services. With the massive volume of operations and the much needed pan global reach, it has become imperative for 3PL providers to invest in a technologically sound application for conducting their multi modal businesses. Moreover, the systems used by 3PL providers must also offer apt solutions for addressing their circadian concerns like having interpolable IT systems with clients and an end-to-end and continuous operational visibility via EDI. Kale’s solution suite catering to the 3PL providers is a result of in-depth industrial study and rich industry experience. The solutions are designed to ensure smooth functioning of 3PL operations whilst giving them visibility, efficiency and profitability.

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