IT Logistics in our DNA

Corporate Profile

Kale Logistics was built on the platform of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our grasp on the domain knowledge has made us the harbinger for many pioneering technology-riven solutions that have changed the face of our clients’ businesses. Our clients have experienced first-hand modern, scalable applications that provide advanced end-to-end functionality, improved operational visibility, better financial control and tangible cost reduction. Some of our clients have reportedly improved their productivity by as much as 70 per cent on data management. Customised MIS reports have driven our clients to achieve better control over strategic planning. Our innovative offerings have garnered us the pride of being cited in in publications of KPMG as one of the top 10 innovations in Indian Logistics Industry. We have also been featured in the book written by professors of Kellogg’s Business School for its innovations for Logistics industry.

Kale’s community and enterprise solutions cater to a wide network of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) who have strengthened and improved their operational and business capabilities. Kale's solutions help Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, LCL Consolidators, Shipping Line Agents, Stevedores, Surveyors, Container Freight Stations, Equipment Control Providers, Vessel Charterers, Custom House Agents, 3PL, Warehouse Operators, Transportation Providers, other Logistics Service Users and Airport Cargo Terminal Operators achieve faster growth, standardised processes and operational efficiencies.

We will empower and integrate all stakeholders of the logistics value chain to enable, accelerate and facilitate global trade.

To passionately create innovative digital technology platforms that help the stakeholders of the logistics industry interact with each other digitally and automate their own businesses. We accomplish this through our deep and focused understanding of the global logistics industry and a strong empathy towards the customer.

  1. Passion
  2. Innovation
  3. Domain and Industry Expertise
  4. Customer Empathy

Kale Logistics Solutions is committed to deliver world-class quality solutions and services aimed at addressing the evolving needs of our growing customer base. We continuously measure and improve the processes involved in the conceptualisation, planning, development, delivery and support of our software solutions and services. We are committed to provide quality solutions, with a focus on cutting edge technology, reliability, excellent service and cost efficiency.

Quality Objectives

  • To understand industry trends and key drivers and to use them as an input to evolve our products and services
  • To help our customers realise the business value from our products and services
  • To deliver products and services in a manner consistent with our commitments
  • To manage Industry, Domain, Product and Customer Knowledge in order to ensure business continuity and operate as a ‘learning’ organization

Quality Accreditations

We have the following certifications:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011

Every second, our hard-working teams contribute their knowledge and technical insights to comprehend and deliver products, that speak volumes about our domain and digital expertise. Delighted clients, global recognition and an ambition to keep escalating the competency of our products encourage us. By virtue of our established products, loyal customer base and our industrial standing, we have been awarded the honour of ‘Best IT provider to the Logistics Industry’ by several international forums consecutively for the last many years.

Few other accolades earned by us over the years include:

  • CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2018 for service category
  • “Outstanding contribution to Logistics IT Services” at 4th PHD Air Cargo Summit 2018
  • ‘Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider’ Award at the Warehousing Excellence Awards 2018
  • “Best IT Solution Provider” Award at the 3rd Logistics and Supply Chain Awards 2017
  • Featured in the list of ‘The 30 Most Preferred Tech Workplaces’ by Insights Success magazine
  • “Best Technology Solution Provider” Award at the India Cargo Awards 2017
  • Top 25 fastest growing companies in Logistics Industry 2017 by CEO magazine.
  • Technology Provider of the Year 2016.
  • Best IT Solution Provider 2016.
  • Innovative SCM IT Provider of the Year 2015.
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2015.
  • Best IT Solutions Provider 2015.
  • IT provider of the Year 2014.
  • Supply Chain IT Solutions Provider 2014.
  • Global Academic Recognition Kellogg's B-school 2013.
  • Best Technology Service Provider 2012.
  • Best SCM Solutions Provider 2012.
  • Best SCM IT Solutions Provider 2011.
  • Best IT Solution Provider in the Logistics Industry 2010.
  • Emerging IT Solutions Provider in the Logistics Industry 2009.

Kale Logistics Solutions are committed to ensure that their work not just benefits their customers and patrons, but also society at large. Through our small contribution, we believe that we have embarked on a journey to make a difference in the society by promoting social welfare causes. As an extension of this belief, Kale Logistics supports ‘Catalysts for Social Action’-(CSA), a not-for-profit social enterprise established in the year 2002. The objective of support is to enable fulfilment of our corporate social responsibility, and to validate the conviction that we have a role in bringing about a positive social change.

At Kale Logistics, we believe that young minds are the future of our nation. They are the harbinger of a larger social and economic change in the society. However, for this they need positive nurturing, a balanced upbringing and an opportunity to get education especially in their formative years. Our top priority area outlined is to work on Child Adoption and to catalyse the process of adoption. We work on building a community of all individuals and agencies who are passionate about promoting the cause of child adoption. The aim is to enhance the number of adoptions in India and focus on building a 'safety net' that can provide human care for institutionalised children.

Our underlying reason for supporting CSA are their two-fold objectives :

  • To enhance the number of adoptions (through promotion, co-ordination, legalisation)
  • To ensure better child care both, while the child is institutionalised (the most formative period in a child's life) and post-adoption (where guidance is a key factor)

In a short span of time, CSA has implemented numerous projects in its chosen areas. Their activities include (field) Research, Training, Awareness and Promotion and Networking across agencies and stakeholders for speedy and effective movement of children into the adoption stream.

CSA Founder Members and Office Bearers are a group of highly qualified professionals, each well-established and recognized in his/her respective field of work. Each member is associated in one way or another with Child Welfare. All CSA members are active participants in CSA activities and are completely committed to promoting the cause.

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