The generation & processing of a CoO is often manual and involves data entry, verification and approval of the document. At present, a lot of time & cost efforts are spent in entering the data, printing the documents and travelling to the office of a Chamber of Commerce. What the industry stakeholders require is a facility thatenables online filing of CoO that gets transmitted electronically between all entities involved in the process.
Key Features     Key Functions

Key Features
UPLIFT e-CoO is a service made available by the Chamber of Commerce for the Trade Community:
  • Helps digitize processing Certificate of Origin for Exporter / Freight Forwarder (FF) / Customs Brokers (CB) online.
  • Automates the final step for export documentation in the supply Chain.
  • The system has been deployed using a web based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
  • Online filing of CoO considerably reduces administration time and cost.
  • Availability of digital signature automates the complete process from request to issuance of CoO
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