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The turnkey IT Solutions coming from Kale’s stable have been successfully adopted by leading organisations from Logistics & Airport Industries. The case studies shared here offer a clear view of how our IT solutions have turned around our clients, businesses and helped them realise complete ‘Return on Investment’.

Thailand’s leading provider of e-messaging saves up to 80% on ENS / AMS filings.

Air cargo still relies heavily on paper documentation for the exchange of shipment information. Read More

Leading provider of airport services in Mozambique, Mauritius and Madagascar saves 5 hours per day in data capture with GALAXY

Paper consumption has reduced, since post the GALAXY adoption the system has moved significantly. Read More

Premier Warehousing Agency in India optimises container handling operations across 7 locations with Kale's CAPELLA CFS/ICD Management System

CAPELLA builds on the framework of automation, quality of data exchange and decision support, thereby automating the disorganised CFS/ICD processes to give Read More

One of the Tanzania's largest distributors of petroleum products experiences optimised container handling operations with Kale's CAPELLA- Web based CFS/ICD Management System

A specialist from Kale's technical team on-boarded the client's key resources to get them accustomed to CAPELLA's user friendly interface, perform functionalities and Read More

Largest Ground Handling operator in Norway optimises cargo handling capabilities with GALAXY- Airport Cargo Management System

Kale’s airport cargo management system helped Norway’s largest ground handler to manage multi-location operations. GALAXY drove ease of operations, control and visibility for the company. Read More

Leading logistics and supply chain service provider achieves complete automation and visibility through Kale Logistics’ Customs Clearance Solution -CANOPUS

Kale’s Customs Clearance Management System provided a customised solution to a leading logistics and supply chain provider. CANOPUS CCM system brought control, end-to-end visibility and operational flexibility to the enterprise. Read More

Leading Transportation Company Acquires Operational Competency with an Integrated Logistics ERP System

Kale's Integrated Logistics ERP System enables a leading transportation company to achieve operational efficiency. The system brought end-to-end visibility, facilitated operations and enabled the company to fulfil their business vision. Read More

Achieving business transformation with intelligent freight system

CORVI achieves business transformation for one of India’s largest Freight Forwarding companies. CORVI brought automation, visibility and scalability in the organization's freight forwarding operations. Read More

Pioneering Air Cargo Trade though a Single Window Interface

GMAX became India’s first airport Cargo community platform to bring digital transformation, complete automation and digitisation in MIAL’s cargo operations. It helped MIAL to become world’s first airport to have 100% FWB (EDI for e-AWB) Read More

Accelerating container movement and throughput with CODEX – India’s first Digital Exchange Platform

Various stakeholders at VOC Port, Tuticorin, India were hassled by the unorganised and redundant operations. CODEX automated and digitally streamlined the container movement at the Port thereby reducing container dwell time from 2.5 hours to 25 mins. Read More

A Large Automotive transnational trading organisation achieves higher efficiency at optimised costs with Kale’s PYXIS - Warehouse and Distribution Management System

Warehousing & Distribution Management system - PYXIS enhances efficiency & accuracy levels in inventory, operations, distributions & invoicing at optimized costs for a leading Automotive transnational trading organization. Read More

Leading Terminal & Warehouse Operator exercises better control on Transport Network with HELIOS - Transportation & Fleet Management System

A Detailed Case study on Transportation Management System highlights how a leading terminal & warehouse operator exercised better control on its Transport network and bridges the gap between shippers & truckers Read More

MASH Logistics Saudi Arabia realises Scalability, Shipment Visibility and Synchronised Operations with CORVI - Freight Management System

The case study reflects on how CORVI- Freight management system helped this leading Saudi Arabian Logistics Service provider to synchronize the working model between its Sales & Operations across branches. Read More

CORVI- freight management software aids Leading Global Freight Forwarder connect seamlessly with trade partners

A globally proven and intelligent freight management system - CORVI - streamlined the client's business, ensured availability of correct data and helped client meet all customer service commitments at lowered costs. Read More

Airport Cargo Handling Processes at Mumbai International Airport (MIAL) transformed with GALAXY

Post implementation of the cargo handling system - GALAXY, there has been a complete transformation in the way cargo movement happens at Mumbai airport. GALAXY automates the custodian functions at the airport and also the domestic operations, internal warehouse and cargo handling processes. Read More

GALAXY - Airport System enables EDI with Airlines for Zambian Cargo Operator ‘NAC2000’

With GALAXY - Airport Cargo Management System, NAC2000 attained ability to exchange EDI Communications for all cargo stakeholders and became EDI compliant at no upfront IT Infrastructure costs. Read More

PYXIS - Warehouse Management Software enhances productivity by 24% for a leading 3PL provider

The 3PL co. has seen large gains in productivity and visibility and it no longer has to run overtime shifts to make up for lost hours. Now its maintenance crew can focus on other issues with an efficient supply chain solution in place. The shipping department has been completely automated, allocating this labour to other areas in the Distribution Center. Read More

Aided by CAPELLA, established Multi-modal Logistics Player expands its CFS/ICD operations.

CAPELLA was a unanimous choice for evaluation panel of the client for its easy to use UI, a robust n-tier architecture and the ability to handle FCL/LCL business. With industry-compliant integration with Financial Management applications, CAPELLA™ presented a unique full suite solution capable of automating a large CFS/ICD operation. Read More

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Featuring Kale Logistics UPLIFT Case Study Read More