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“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” -Steve Jobs

At Kale Logistics, we believe in valuing our employees and making sure that they are given equal rights, opportunities and thorough appreciation for their hard work. We value professionals and believe that our employees are the underlying reason for our company’s phenomenal success in the Logistics domain.

Work at Kale means challenging yourself each day, learning with talented colleagues and enjoying a vibrant work environment. Teamwork, enthusiasm, perfection towards tasks and love for your work are the basis of our work culture. Kale Logistics is an established brand in the Logistics solution forte that draws upon a rich lineage of techno-domain expertise, making Kale the most coveted company to seek career growth.

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We value Work-Life balance At Kale Logistics Solutions, we believe that the essence of good work lies in achieving a perfect blend of work and leisure. To know more about our activities click here

To commemorate our employees and provide them a platform to voice their creative nuances, Kale’s quarterly newsletter, ‘Go’, is a perfect platform. The carefully themed and colourful newsletter features articles, stories, account of significant life events and personal and professional achievements of the employees. Catch a glimpse of GO

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“I have been associated with Kale Logistics Solutions for more than 6 years. Since my joining I learnt a lot about work culture, IT solutions and of course knowledge pertaining to the infusion of IT in Logistics domain. The best part of my learning at Kale was the enriching experience of working in synergy as a part of a team. This has moulded my attitude greatly and with the right approach shaped my personality to take up bigger challenges in my work domain. I have received ample opportunities to work at different levels and in areas with different roles and responsibilities here at Kale.”-

Nagarjun Peri
Regional Sales

“I joined Kale Logistics Solutions in 2011 for customer support but was soon transferred to the delivery team. Having limited prior experience in a IT sector, especially since Kale Logistics Solutions is dealing with the niche Logistics domain, I had a learning curve in the beginning of my tenure. However, I was very delighted with the kind of support I was offered by my managers & the development team. . My journey has been full of opportunities, challenges & of course, appreciation.”-

Priya Mandlekar
Lead System Analyst

“The relationship I have with my manager and team members is incredibly supportive. We are part of a dynamic organization that values team work, demonstrates a strong ethical commitment to the client, and delivers on promises. With immense opportunities for personal and professional advancement and development, I have been able to redefine my career path through the encouragement and support of my Managers and team members.”-

Dipesh Pansuriya
Lead System Analyst