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Airport Cargo Community

Kale Logistics Solutions' Airport Cargo Community system (ACS) is an electronic collaboration to help all stakeholders to electronically communicate among themselves and with other stakeholders like Airlines, Customs House Agents, Customs, Banks and GHAs. It facilitates the movement of goods and information at the airport and aids in digital interactions, in conformance to initiatives around e-freight, e-AWB and e-CSD.

Key Exports features:

  • Connects shipper, carrier, Forwarder and consignees on a common platform to streamline the import process
  • Facilitates flow of operations from consignee booking to getting Customs' release order
  • Seamless connectivity with Customs for documentation and approvals
  • E-generation of documents such as booking requests, way bills, Customs Release Order (LEO)and Export manifests.
  • Seamless exchange of documents between various stakeholders in the value chain including consignee, Forwarders, agents, Customs, Custodians and Airlines

Key Imports features:

  • Streamlines entire import process with stakeholders like Consignee, Carriers & Forwarders and Customs
  • Auto generation of pertinent documents such as imports goods declaration, import manifest, eDO and Release Order (OC)
  • Financial transactions like CAN/DO charges, TSP, Customs Duty etc.
  • Facility to seek approvals at various milestones from relevant entities
  • Seamless connectivity with Customs for documentation and approvals

Business Benefits

Greater visibility and transparency

Ensures data integrity

Improves resource utilisation and productivity

Assures quick ROI

Enhances customer satisfaction

Improves decision making

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An introduction to India’s First Cargo Community System – (UPLIFT)

UPLIFT addresses the pain areas of the Cargo community and equips them with a system having EDI capability.


“This is a long overdue requirement and we welcome the work UPLIFT is doing for the industry by setting up such an operating platform [...]

Mr. Christoph Remund - CEO
DHL Lemuir Logistics Pvt. Ltd