Warehouses are a crucial part of the supply chain. They ensure the smooth movement of goods and help maintain productivity levels for an organization. Warehouse & Distribution Management Systems (WDMS) are essential to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and to process the associated transactions.The new age warehouses require an application which is developed factoring the ground realities of a warehouse, complexities of the processes and skillsets of those handling the cargo.  
PYXIS, Kale’s Warehouse & Distribution Management System fulfils the unique requirements of a warehousing operator. It is a web-based tool that helps them gain real time visibility across their storage locations. PYXIS ensures the most agile, productive and lean distribution operations possible.
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Key Features
PYXIS Warehouse Management solution optimizes every stage of the warehouse process starting from the point an inbound shipment enters the warehouse until after an outbound shipment leaves. PYXIS is a feature rich application and it follows a simple workflow in sync with a typical warehouse process.
• Web-based Online Warehouse Management System
• Total visibility of all inbound orders
• Complete support of ASN's which can either be sent directly to PYXIS or via   the host system
• Single receiver can work on multiple incoming orders simultaneously
• Captures all information possible at the moment of the goods reception   including all lot numbers,
  serial numbers, and all dates
• Information across locations to customers through online access
• Handles unexpected shipments across multi-customer, multi-location   warehouses for 3PL
• Advance location management for better warehouse usage
• B2B Integration with Customers’ ERP for online information update
• Simple single scan of a bar code, pallet ID, or pallet license plate
• PDT enabled- use of hand held terminals for put-away, pick and cycle   count
• Modular architecture providing easy, web-based access to a growing   library of new trading partner maps
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