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Logistics as an industry is gaining a lot of importance globally and the fast pace of economic growth has necessitated unparalleled focus and significant investments in expanding infrastructure. Logistics constitutes an important 'cog in the wheel' in the overall infrastructure development. The current logistics industry is highly fragmented with presence of unorganised enterprises including transporters, express cargo movers, courier companies, freight forwarders, container companies and shipping agents. Competitive pressures on firms to focus on core operations and lower costs are producing a growing demand for logistics services. Overall there is one realisation - what will eventually differentiate the also-rans from the successful players is the effective use of technology. Moving from "nice to have" to being "the necessary devil" the Logistics industry is seeing a transition in the way technology is being perceived. Technology is expected to remove gross inefficiencies in the operations and will soon become the business driver for the Logistics companies.
How can Kale help?
Kale is a leading technology solutions provider to the logistics industry, committed to helping its clients increase operational efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum. Kale’s domain expertise, strong relationships with logistics providers and close industry partnerships, have enabled it to respond to industry needs, support developing trends, and simplify complex business models. Kale's solution suite covers the complete need of the logistics business, covering areas such as Supply Chain Management, Inventory and Yield Management, Transportation Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Logistics Accounting Systems and community collaboration platforms among others.
Kale's Suite of Logistics Solutions
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