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Multimodal Community System

One of the major grey areas in the freight forwarding business is the inadequacy of information flow. Multiple IT systems used by various entities along the shipping value chain have resulted in serious discrepancies pertaining to shipment visibility, cost effectiveness, inconsistent systems and operational streamlining. Kale Logistics’ HUBB - a Digital Community Platform-enables efficient exchange of Cargo Information and goods across independent Forwarders' network and addresses the daily challenges of the Freight Forwarding business. HUBB is a web-based portal that can assist Freight Forwarders to communicate amongst themselves and with their overseas partners to exchange accurate shipment information without obsoleting their existing system.

HUBB - Streamlining forwarding business through global platform

  • Universal portal equipped to connect with disparate systems enabling exchange of documents and shipment data across various stakeholder systems
  • Capacity to connect to any type of Forwarder’s system
  • Flexibility and security in entire RFQ process
  • Real time updates enable the Freight forwarders to stay abreast of shipment movement
  • Track and trace facility for even overseas partners
  • Transactional visibility and predictability for complete Freight forwarding operations

Business Benefits

Leveraged Customer delight

Real-time tracking

Easy document exchange

Optimises Business strategy

Optimised overseas transactions

Time and cost effectiveness

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