One of the major risks in today’s freight forwarding business is inadequate information flow. Ever changing market situation has left small and medium sized freight forwarder in the middle of myriad challenges like- increasing global competition, greater customer expectations and demand from global trade for constant communication and updates.
Moreover, current business model is ineffective in dealing with complex and duplicate processes involved in transfer of each shipment. Forwarders lack shipment visibility due to the prevalent use of disparate IT systems. As a result they have to bear high costs in terms of time and money in communicating through telephone, faxes or e-mails. These results in delay, customer dissatisfaction, erosion of bottom-line and a constant threat to business from more advanced International players.
To address these needs, Kale Logistics has created a Digital Community Platform-HUBB to enable efficient exchange of Cargo Information and Goods across the independent forwarders network.
What is HUBB?
HUBB is a web based portal that can assist independent forwarders networks to communicate amongst themselves and with their overseas partners to exchange accurate shipment information without giving up their existing system.

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Key Features   Business Benefits   Key Functions

Key Features
HUBB connects the independent forwarder members of a network to provide visibility, predictability and consistency in executing various processes.
   Single Point of Data Entry
     Ability to integrate with Forwarders internal system using standard interfacing like XML, CSV, Web Services etc.
   Tracking across network
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