Employee Opinion

Pryraranjan Heer
Associate Manager
My transition from “campus” to “the corporate world” started in Kale more than 5 years ago as programmer analyst. Throughout this fulfilling period, I've always experienced complete support from the “Kale Ecosystem” — right from my programming days to my movement into the team leading role or work in “niche & emerging “areas. In my current role I bring my expertise in .Net technologies and apply it to one of Kale’s innovative solutions- UPLIFT. Management in Kale will help individual to grow, work passionately and dare to dream big.

Kale is the organization where individual can work passionately and dare to dream big. Since my early years at Kale, I was always fortunate to get opportunities and challenges beyond my designated role, which helped me grow. Be it my career path, trainings, academic advancement, employee well-being or professional development, the organization always provided a “spectrum of options”. This served as the backbone for my growth, and has made every moment of my career a memorable and rewarding one. I take a great sense of pride in belonging to Kale. To me, truly, it's not just about the milestones I have achieved; it’s the journey that has made all the difference!".
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