Welcome to Kale’s knowledge repository which provides just a glimpse of the vast domain expertise, experience, innovation and implementation that has gone in the making of its turnkey IT solutions. All of this is captured in our repository which stores various product catalogues, case studies, articles and newsletters.

  • Kale Logistics Presentation

    The presentations shared in this section provide an overview of the People, Clients, Credentials, Culture and Areas of business focus at Kale Logistics.

    Corporate Presentation
    Presents a complete business overview of Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Brochures

    Kale Logistics Solutions portfolio comprises of best-of-breed and proven systems which cater to the entire logistics supply chain. Given below is the library of Kale’s various logistics solutions collaterals in the form of brochures and flyers that provide an overview of the features and benefits of the IT solutions.

    Thoroughbred IT Solutions - A portfolio of IT solutions for Airports & Logistics Industry
    Presents a synopsis of Kale Logistics Solutions, its credentials and its wide range of IT solutions serving the entire Logistics Value Chain.
    CORVI - A web-based Freight Management System
    Kale’s Intelligent Freight Management System - CORVI is an enterprise-wide robust application designed to meet the end-to end business needs of a freight forwarder.
    GALAXY - A Web-based Airport Cargo Management System
    Trusted by leading Airport cargo handlers worldwide, GALAXY system takes a modular approach to address varying needs of cargo terminal operators/ custodians and  cargo ground  handling companies (GHAs).
    CAPELLA - A web-based CFS/ICD Management System
    CAPELLA automates and simplifies the disorganised CFS/ICD processes to give the operator instant access to information and provide the management with complete visibility of their business at all times.
    HELIOS TRANS - A web-based Transportation Management System
    Caters to transportation service providers to help them manage entire business lifecycle from vehicle request to placement to delivery to billing.
    HELIOS FLEET - A web-based Fleet Management System
    Designed to cater to the needs of Fleet Owners and Operators. It is feature rich solution covering Trip Sheet, Job sheet management, Route Cost Management and Finance & Accounts.

    PYXIS - A web-based Warehousing & Distribution Management System
    A highly scalable and easy to configure warehouse system, PYXIS optimizes every stage of the warehouse process starting from the point an inbound shipment enters the warehouse until after an outbound shipment leaves.
    PYXIS- A web based Warehousing & Distribution Management System & HELIOS- A web based end-to-end Transportation & Fleet Management System
    UPLIFT - Connecting the Cargo Community
    UPLIFT is a pioneering initiative in creating a cargo community platform which will enable 15000+ strong Indian Freight Forwarding (FF) and Custom House Agent (CHA) organizations to electronically communicate within themselves and with other stakeholders like Shippers, Consignee Airports, Seaports, Airlines, Transporters, Customs etc.
    HUBB - Global Cargo Exchange
    HUBB is a common platform for independent forwarders to communicate with overseas partners in terms of Enquiries, Quotations, Shipments and milestones of the shipment.
    A concise flyer presenting an overview of Freight Management System & UPLIFT for India's first Cargo Community Platform.
  • Case Studies

    The turnkey IT Solutions coming from Kale’s stable have been successfully adopted by leading organisations from Logistics & Airport Industries. The case studies shared here offer a clear view of how our IT solutions have turned around our clients business and helped them realise complete ‘Return on Investment’.

    A Large Automotive transnational trading organization achieves higher efficiency at optimized costs with Kale’s PYXIS - Warehouse and Distribution Management System
    Warehousing & Distribution Management system- PYXIS enhances efficiency & accuracy levels in inventory, operations, distributions & invoicing at optimized costs for a leading Automotive transnational trading organization.
    Leading Terminal & Warehouse Operator exercises better control on Transport Network with HELIOS - Transportation & Fleet Management System
    A Detailed Case study on Transportation Management System highlights how a leading terminal & warehouse operator exercised better control on its Transport network and bridges the gap between shippers & truckers.
    MASH Logistics Saudi Arabia realises Scalability, Shipment Visibility and Synchronised  Operations with CORVI - Freight Management System
    The case study reflects on how CORVI- Freight management system helped this leading Saudi Arabian Logistics Service provider to synchronize the working model between its Sales & Operations across branches.
    CORVI- freight management software aids Leading Global Freight Forwarder connect  seamlessly with trade partners
    A globally proven and intelligent freight management system- CORVI, streamlined the client's business, ensured availability of correct data and helped client  meet all customer service commitments at lowered costs.
    Airport Cargo Handling Processes at Mumbai International Airport (MIAL) transformed with GALAXY
    Post implementation of the cargo handling system - GALAXY, there has been a complete transformation in the way cargo movement happens at Mumbai airport. GALAXY automates the custodian functions at the airport and also the domestic operations, internal warehouse and cargo handling processes.
    GALAXY - Airport System enables EDI with Airlines for Zambian Cargo Operator ‘NAC2000’
    With GALAXY - Airport Cargo Management System, NAC2000 attained ability to exchange EDI Communications for all cargo stakeholders and became EDI compliant at no upfront IT Infrastructure costs.
    Aided by CAPELLA, established Multi-modal Logistics Player expands its CFS/ICD operations.
    CAPELLA was a unanimous choice for evaluation panel at the client for its easy to use UI, a robust n tier architecture and the ability to handle FCL/LCL business. With industry compliant integration with Financial Management applications, CAPELLA™ presented a unique full suite solution capable of automating a large CFS/ICD operation.
    PYXIS - Warehouse Management Software enhances productivity by 24% for a leading 3PL provider
    The 3PL co. has seen large gains in productivity and visibility and it no longer has to run overtime shifts to make up for lost hours. Now its maintenance crew can focus on other issues with an efficient supply chain solution in place. The shipping department has been completely automated, allocating this labour to other areas in the Distribution Center.
    KPMG Adding Wings
    Featuring Kale Logistics UPLIFT Case
  • Newsletter

    Kale Logistics works pro-actively with the community and industry associations belonging to the logistics industry for which it designs and develops turnkey IT solutions. The newsletters CRUX & Inflow are sent periodically to the community members to keep them updated on latest technological updates at Kale Logistics. These newsletters present interesting insights on technology advances made by other industry players through a collection of Guest features, industry opinions, surveys and case studies.

    CRUX - July 2016 - Vol14
    This edition of CRUX highlights the interesting story of participation by the cargo community that resulted in the “Journey of India's first Airport Community System- GMAX” at Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) two years ago. Mr. Manoj Singh-SVP & Head Cargo Operations- MIAL, shares his views on the successful adoption of the GMAX platform. The issue also focusses on Africa, which is the next frontier for the Logistics Industry, more so for the Air Cargo segment. An insightful article throws light on regional trends and how IT will play a crucial role in the growth of African Air Cargo Industry in next few years.
    CRUX- July 2012 - Vol12
    This issue of CRUX seeks to capture some of the latest information concerning the challenges faced by Ports and the growth of containerization. Our special Guest column features an interview with Mexico's fastest developing Logistics Service Provider- Europartners. Mr. Jesus Guadiana emphasizes on how Europarners has kept up the pace of business with the help of technology.

    CRUX: Logistics & Airports April 2012 - Vol11
    In this issue,we cover the Case Study published in KPMG's 'Top 10 Innovations in Indian logistics Industry'. REFLECTIONS- our special Guest column features  industry veteran Captain Dinesh Gautama, Advisor – Container Shipping Line Association of India and more interesting updates.
    CRUX: Logistics & Airports July 2011 - Vol10
    As a leading IT service provider to the industry, we create the next buzz with our updated IT solutions, much before others do. Learn more about Kale's industry wide recognition as the “Best SCM IT Solutions Provider-Logistics & SCM 2011”.
    CRUX: Logistics March 2011 - Vol09
    In this issue, we highlight a real life case study featuring one of our
    leading airport client.
    CRUX: A Special ACAAI Convention Edition
    This issue brings you the highlights of ‘UPLIFT’ through interesting articles, puzzles and snapshots of “The Uplift Road show”. We also take this opportunity to introduce you to the Team behind UPLIFT development from Kale Logistics.
    CRUX Logistics September 2010 - Vol08
    In this issue we highlight the key initiatives taken up by Kale in the logistics space through REFLECTIONS - a Guest Column which features Mr. Sanjiv Garg, Vice Chairman-CILT India.
    CRUX Logistics April 2010 - Vol07
    In this CRUX issue, we discuss a case study on how Technology Solutions can help save paper. This measure, when implemented, can result in
    bringing down costs, thereby having a positive impact on LSP's business.
  • Articles

    Experts from Kale logistics monitor industry changes and work with their clients to arrive at practical solutions. Their opinion has been published by leading publications in the form of articles and interviews which are shared below for your reference.

    Tangible benefits with e-AWB Filing
    UPLIFT is helping global forwarders realise savings of up to 70% of current AWB filing costs. An e-AWB has actually simplified air freight supply chain by reaching the destination ahead of time and before arrival of the physical cargo. This has translated in tangible savings of both time and money for all cargo stakeholders in the supply chain.
    Electronic Data Interchange: Connecting India’s logistics community
    Electronic Data Interchange brings in more transparency and visibility in logistics business, thereby bringing down unnecessary costs
    Freight Forwarding: Going Futuristic
    If we look at the past decade, we may note that freight forwarding (FF)
    has been one of the booming sectors of the logistics industry. Globalisation resulting in remarkable growth has witnessed many manufacturing units relocating to developing markets like India, China, Middle East and Latin America.
    Indian Logistics Industry: Poised for an IT-enabled takeoff
    The Indian Logistics Industry is at the cross roads. On the one hand, the market potential has never been more exciting. On the other, never have the industry’s challenges been so complex or so many.

    Leveraging Community Systems for Streamlining Business Complexity

    Recent industry reports from CAPA & IATA on air cargo traffic highlights the double digit growth in Freight ton kilometers (FTK) across several regions globally, confirming a definitive upward movement in cargo capacity as well as the demand.

    Selecting the Right IT solution for a Logistics Service Provider
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a buzzword in the Logistics industry, with the realization of the necessity of adopting IT for better process efficiency.
    Spurring Growth through Logistics
    The furious pace of economic growth in India has so far necessitated unparalleled focus and significant investments in expanding infrastructure.

    Virtual Global Organization: Effective growth model for SME logistics companies 
    VGO helps local LSPs to become more formidable forced and ride against stiff competition as it does not require major investments in physical
    infrastructure, new acquisitions and multiple office set-ups

  • Industry Research

    Industry research reports included in this section reflect the trends, initiatives and forward looking thoughts pertaining to Logistics industry at present. Industry colleagues can gain Industry Insight through a comprehensive analysis of the current trends and projection of the long-term performance outlook.

    Technology Adoption in Logistics Industry (TAIL)
    As the first study of its kind in scope or depth, TAIL is an attempt to arrive at a simple integrated measure of technology adoption in the Indian logistics industry. The index serves as an industry benchmark for logistics companies to derive their technology effectiveness and business competitiveness.
    Technology Survey for Indian Logistics Industry 2008
    The key objective of the study was to understand the dynamics of the technology adoption in the Indian Logistics Industry. This study particularly focused on Assessing the market size and market segments, Current state of technology adoption in the Indian Logistics industry, Demand drivers for IT Logistics Solutions and Future growth in the use of technology by the Logistics industry.
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