The role of Custom House Agent (CHA) /Customs Broker (CB) has evolved in the past decade from Customs document filing to connecting with multiple trade partners like Airline, Shipping Line, Airports, Container Depots, Government Authorities and Transporters amongst others. The CB needs to adhere to local Custom rules and regulations while facing complex business communications and operational challenges
CANOPUS Customs Clearance Management (CCM) helps CBs achieve higher degree of efficiency in service and at reduced operational costs. CANOPUS CCM facilitates automated filing in compliance with Customs system. The CCM is further segregated into Exports & Imports modules as per business function and Regulatory / Customs compliance.

Key Features   Business Benefits   Key Functions

Key Features
CANOPUS CCM is available for Customs Brokers/ Forwarders, who can now perform most of their documentation electronically-
  • View airlines schedule Creation of AWBs (Master & House)
  • Online filing of AWBs & Consol Manifest
  • AWB stock management
  • Label printing
  • Filing of Customs declaration
  • Access to published rates
  • e-Docket facility
  • EDI between Forwarders and Carriers (e.g. FWB, FHL, MBL, HBL)
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