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Technology that Transforms

‘Technology that Transforms’ is the guiding principle behind the core foundation and formation of Kale Logistics. It represents Kale’s business focus and expertise in providing technology solutions that help transform the way business operations and b2b transactions are executed.
Kale Logistics works closely with industry associations and is led by a team of techno-savvy functional experts with zeal to be the drivers of change. It is this drive and energy@ work which has consistently created successful solutions for its clients. Kale’s solutions deploy next generation technology and latest industry knowledge to transform the People, Processes and Practices of clients business.

CSA - Catalysts for Social Action
Kale Logistics supports ‘Catalysts for Social Action- (CSA)’, the not-for-profit social enterprise which came into existence in September 2002. The objective was the fulfilment of a social responsibility of the organization and the conviction that we have a role to play in bringing about positive social change.
The top priority area outlined is to work on Child Adoption and catalyse the process of adoption. We work on building a community of all individuals and agencies directed towards the common cause of promoting adoptions. The aim is to enhance the number of adoptions in India and focus on building a 'safety net' that can provide more human care for institutionalised children.
The two-fold objectives of CSA are:
• To enhance the number of adoptions (through promotion, co-ordination,   legalization)
• To ensure better child care both, while the child is institutionalised (the most   formative period in a child's life) and post-adoption (where guidance is a key   factor)
In a short span of time, CSA has implemented numerous projects in its chosen areas. CSA's activities include (field) Research, Training, Awareness and Promotion and Networking across agencies and stakeholders for the speedy and effective movement of children into the adoption stream.
CSA Founder Members and Office Bearers are a group of highly qualified professionals each, well established and recognized in his/her respective field of work. Each member is associated in one way or another with Child Welfare. All CSA members are active participants in CSA activities and are completely committed to promoting the cause.
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