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The World Wide Web has enabled professionals from all walks of life to connect and exchange electronic information without geographical boundaries. From a Logistics perspective, it has been a boon with possibilities to transmit information across time and space between various LSPs to establish a community pan globe and to look forward to the development and sustainability of the Logistics industry in unison. Logistics supply chain are able to connect with each other, cohere and pursue shared goals by adopting IT infused solutions and community platforms. Community platforms function as a common ground for all stakeholders to electronically communicate within themselves and with other stakeholders like Airlines, Customs House Agents, Customs, Banks and GHAs. Such platforms must ideally optimise movement of goods and information at the airport and aid in digital interactions in conformance to initiatives around e-freight, e-AWB and e-CSD. In addition to efficient automation, the community platform must also ensure customer expectations are met.

By virtue of their association with industry bodies, their thorough understanding of the Logistics business, their technical expertise and industry focussed domain knowledge, Kale Logistics Solutions have been able to craft state of the art community solutions that have formed practical and sound community systems. These community platforms are designed to place community interest and requirements first and prove that communities aren’t just for socializing but for getting things done. They have been widely accepted and adopted by LSPs around the globe.

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