Many Container Supply Chains continue to rely on manual or semi-automated processes resulting in limited cargo visibility as it moves from Container Depot (CFS/ICD) to Port and vice-versa. The forwarder / Customs Broker have to access multiple stakeholder systems and re-enter the shipment data multiple times which is time/resource consuming. The automation in the industry is diverse and at most ports there is no single window EDI for the trade.
A robust EDI based community platform-CODEX is designed to offer the stakeholders of ocean trade with a clear visibility on container movement. CODEX platform enables seamless movement of Container from Container Depot (CFS/ICD) to Port & from Port to Container Depot under EXIM trade.

Key Features   Business Benefits   Key Functions

Key Features
CODEX enables end-to-end automation & electronic movement of Container documentation for all Container stakeholders –
For Terminal Operator at Port
  • Endorsement / Approval of EIR
  • Manage the Incoming Container Traffic with a real time Dashboard
  • Visibility on Terminal Inventory
  • Real time Integration with Terminal Operation Management System
  • Send Notification status pertaining to Container Loading on to
  • Vessel / Offloading from Vessel to the stakeholders
  • Business Benefits

For Port Authority
  • Online Port Pass Registration for Vehicle & Driver
  • Approval of Port Pass Registration
  • Visibility on Number of Port Visit Pass generated and its
  • Validity (1Day, 1Week, 1Month, 3Month, 6 Month, 1 Year)
  • Know Port Statistics with respect to Export and Import Container Movement
  • Receive Direct confirmation into Port Management System from CODEX using Integration
  • No Manual recording pertaining to EIR In/Out movement
  • Get one click reports for Port Statistical data

Container Freight Station & Inland Container Depot
  • Online CODEX pass generation (Export- Import)
  • Direct Visibility on EIR Status
  • Mile-to-Mile tracking on Container Movement
  • Port Pass Registration Requests
  • Port Pass issuance control

  • Auto Time Control alert on Container Movement from CFS/ICD to Port & vice-versa
  • Auto confirmation on Import Container Scanning Status
  • SB / IGM wise auto confirmation on in/out movement
  • Digitization allows for shipment checks
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