A career at Kale Logistics means you will be excited every single day at work, learn with talented colleagues and enjoy a vibrant work environment. Working @ Kale also means you will be a part of a lean and efficient global team which is self-driven. Kale Logistics is a brand with a firm footing in Logistics technology solutions space. It draws upon a rich lineage of techno-domain expertise, making it the right place to be and display your talent, drive and ability to learn and scale-up.
Kale’s 100+ strong techno-functional workforce brings to the table domain experience and technological excellence, the essential ingredients for every successful customer engagement. A career at Kale entails all-round skill enhancement and continuous learning. The focus is on long term career aspirations of employees, providing them with both a platform and launching pad to success. There is no better time than now to join this effort. We welcome your innovative spirit, shared values and inspiration and look forward to your positive impact on the organization.
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