Freight forwarding is a highly fragmented industry with multiple stakeholders and is faced with a number of challenges. It is often constrained by an abundance of paperwork and redundant operating procedures. The situation is aggravated by the inability to seamlessly and reliably exchange information electronically between freight forwarders, manufacturers, distributors, customers and suppliers. This brings in operating inefficiencies and acts as a roadblock to proactive and informed decision making. Freight forwarders today need a system that offers enterprise-wide functionality, scalability, reliability and security, handles multi-currency operations, provides a real-time, single view across the globe, conforms to different national legislations and customs requirements and has low cost of implementation and ownership.
Kale’s CORVITM is an enterprise-wide robust application designed to meet the end-to-end needs of freight forwarders of all sizes. The solution provides accurate and real-time information, which can be shared between freight forwarders and other parties involved in the movement of freight. This helps the forwarders to focus and solve their business challenges at operational and strategic levels.

Key Features   Business Benefits   Key Functions

Key Features
Kale’s CORVITM  builds on the framework of Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Visibility and is able to address the challenges and key drivers for the freight forwarding industry.
• End-to-end process integration
• Automation with one point of data entry
• Interface with financial accounting systems
• Interface with regulatory bodies like Customs
• Integration with third party ERP applications
• Auto e-mail, Auto SMS, Autofax for all stakeholders
• Ability to attach pictures, images, Word / Excel files
     Business Intelligence
• MIS and operational reports
• Proactive system alerts
• Real-time track and trace of shipments
• Revenue visibility right at the time of booking
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