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Container Digital Exchange

Accelerating container movement and throughput with CODEX - India’s first Digital Exchange Platform for Containers

Container terminal industry is posed with higher operational complexities. Staying profitable in the era of weak demand growth and fluctuating global trade flows has made communication between Ports, Container Terminals, Shippers, Forwarders, and Importers/Exporters, a necessity.
A robust EDI-based digital exchange platform–CODEX is designed to automate and digitally streamline EXIM container movement in and out of Ports. It facilitates proper communication, information exchange, connectivity and digital processing of key business transactions, which can be facilitated between all the stakeholders at the port and the related Logistics value chain.
The IGST tax refund process is streamlined with CODEX. The process from the electronic VGM filing to EDI uploading, to generating of the discrepancy report is digitalised. The process that usually takes 90 days to complete, takes about 3 to 7 business days with CODEX. Exporters avail of instant IGST refunds with this digital platform. The challenge of liquidity for exporters, with CODEX, finds a solution.

CODEX - A unified container digital exchange

  • Operational Dashboard for real-time Cargo transactions
  • 100% Container visibility to pertinent stakeholders with mile-to-mile tracking
  • Auto-generation of pertinent documents at various Cargo milestones
  • Obtain Port Statistical Reports for Export/Import Container movement
  • Complete Port transactions on single portal
  • Real-time integration with Terminal Operation Management
  • IGST Tax refund process is digitalised

CODEX facilitates seamless movement of cargo from the container depot (CFS/ICD) to port and vice versa.

Business Benefits

Reduced container dwell time

Speedy IGST tax refunds to exporters

One common information highway connecting all

Improved capacity planning at the port

Reduced documentation

Mobile App for tracking

Eliminate un-cleared shipments

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Case Study


CODEX offers a digital platform, enabling the ocean trade stakeholders a clear visibility on the movement of containers. Through the application, container movement is tracked and authenticated at various milestones (checkpoints)

Press Note


CODEX goes Mobile: Kale launches an integrated Mobile App for Accelerating Container Throughput



“This is a pioneering initiative in enabling ease of business, and following the honorable Prime Minister's initiative of "Digital India”[...]

Mr. S. Anantha Chandra Bose - Chairman
V.O. Chidamabaranar (Tuticorin) Port Trust