Cargo ground handling processes involve participation of many stakeholders from the airport cargo community. It also involves handling of shipments and related documentation in various stages by different people. Disparate or lack of cargo terminal operational systems lead to process redundancies, lack of visibility and control over processes. With mounting competitive pressures and lower profit margins, the need for efficient business processes, meeting customer expectations and optimally using resources have become the necessary conditions for survival.
GALAXY-GHA, Kale's state-of-the-art ground handling solution has been designed to meet all the success criteria for airports handling cargo as well as independent ground handlers. It automates the operational processes and provides quick and comprehensive information on consignment status, cargo tracking and terminal operations to customers as well as the management. It supports the airport in controlling the movement and storage of cargo at the warehouses and managing the transactions.
GALAXY-GHA can integrate easily with other airline and ground handling systems to facilitate smooth flow of cargo information throughout the value chain.
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Key Features
Kale's GALAXY-GHA addresses operational and strategic needs of ground handling agents and is based on the framework of Process Integration, Visibility and Decision Support.
• Web track and trace of consignments
• Multi-shed functionality to manage multiple sheds at a single airport   location
• Users can create complete blue print of the warehouse for effective cargo   movement
     Process Integration
• Integration with handheld devices
• WMS module lets users allocate warehouse space for airlines, agents,   destination airport, shipment handling code/commodity type and airline   prefix
• Auto fax, auto e-mail, and auto SMS capability enables users to   automatically
  fax/e-mail selected reports
• Bar code label scanning and printing
     Decision Support
• Prevents service failures through rigorous management of SLAs with   airlines
• Periodic management reports
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