In today's cargo environment, airport operators face significant challenges in fulfilling business and technology needs for improving operational efficiency and customer support. The custodian processes are mostly manual and do little to involve customers and other stakeholders in the air cargo value chain. This results in lack of visibility to the stakeholders, operational inefficiencies and increased cargo processing costs. The customs clearance process is often prolonged leading to a loss of goodwill towards the custodian. Moreover, there is mounting regulatory pressure from industry and governments to comply with the procedures set up for automation of the custodian business.
GALAXY-CUSTODIAN is a complete solution consisting of custodian operational functions. It is a cargo community portal where various authorised stakeholders can login and track the exact status of their consignments on a minute-to-minute basis. It provides a common platform for the value chain participants like forwarders, customs, customs handling agents, airlines, and ground handlers to interact with each other and correct business inefficiencies by eliminating redundant processes. Working in tandem with cargo ground handling solutions, GALAXY-CUSTODIAN completely automates the custodian functions, reducing paperwork and the time consumed in manual processes.
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Key Features
Kale’s GALAXY-CUSTODIAN addresses the business and technology needs of airports in three dimensions – Visibility, Collaboration and Planning.
• Provides enhanced real-time shipment status
• Supports online cargo tracking, payment, carting order
• Results in comprehensive management reporting
• Provides automated customs interface
• Ensures accurate billing services
• Offers complete automation of operational processes
• Enables effective warehouse management
• Provides handheld device support
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